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Trump Fucked

An open apology to the world from a majority of US citizens who feel their country has been hijacked by a meglomaniac that swindled his way into the Oval Office


We the people of the United States, apologize.  We don't know how it happened.  We don't know what went wrong.  The election of Donald J. Trump was a mistake.  It was a fluke.  It seemed, at the time, like a "circus act" providing ridiculous, outrageous entertainment night after night on television. We watched what seemed like a complete train wreck that would destroy the Republican party and all but ensure the election of a Democratic Hillary Clinton.

Then... It Happened.

Most of us went to bed on election night feeling as if Hillary was going to be the next president.  But when we woke up the next morining we heard the news... somehow, he did it.  Somehow he beat the odds, the match and even the early results that all pointed to defeat... and he won.

We don't know how it happened.  But...  We're sorry.  Very sorry.

At first we thought he would just be comical.  A farce.  But then we realized he was also way more dishonest than we thought.  With time we realized he would also be greedy, stubborn and pig-headed.  Then we realized he was lying about almost everything.  And soon after, we realized he was dangerous.  And now we are realizing that he is a one-man walking shit-show that is in himself a threat to our national security and the political balance of the world itself.

Most of us thought it was impossible for Trump to win.  When it happened we immediately realized we made a grave error, and we are looking for a way to undo this terrible mistake.  We know Trump is having a devestating negative impact on the world.

Please accept our apologies and know that the majority of the citizens of the United States are working towards the goal of removing Trump from office or preventing his reelection.

Trumpdown Timer

...until Election Day 2020 when America can regain control of her own destiny, restore faith in leadership and reclaim her rightful place as responsible participants on the global stage:

This website was originally started as an effort to track all the various ways Donald J Trump was abusing the presidency through lies, deceit, ineptitude and even criminal activity.

Very soon after his election it became clear that tracking all the data was too big of a challenge and the impact of his actions were far too important to casually mention.  Further action was needed.

We are now soliciting volunteers to sign up and help us take legal, civil action to prevent the reelection of Trump through any means necessary!  Please consider joining our cause.

Take America Back.

It's Time to Make America Kind Again.

Join our action committee below.

We will send out periodic communications asking our members to take specific action in helping to obstruct, prevent or negate further negative impact of Trump on our lives and our planet.

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Join our committee to help stop Trump from destroying the universe!  Do you think this is far-fetched?  We don'tSend us your comments, thoughts or ideas.

We'll do what we can to get your message to the right people so you can have an impact on America's future!

Donald J. Trump is destroying the Universe.

Do you think we're being dramatic and speaking in hyperbole?


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